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CENTEX Manila is now accepting Kindergarten Applicants for SY 2020 -2021. Please take note of the following: - Child must be 5 years old by June,2020 -Please submit the following requirements: Birth certificate(NSO/ PSA), Barangay Certificate, Payslip or Certificate of Employment(if the parents are working), Certificate of Indigency (for non-working parents), Submission of Applications forms and requirements will be every Friday from 10am onwards. Please check the downloadables section for the KINDERGARTEN Application form or kindly look for Teacher Coleen.

CENTEX CodeIT: Centexians Gearing Towards the Digital Age

Understanding computers and learning the basics of coding help kids develop appreciation of how things work. With the theory of discovery that kids learn best through experimentation, discovery of facts, they make assumptions and discover on their own.

Last July,2019, the Ayala Foundation launched its latest program <Code/It>. A digital skills training project that provides underserved Filipino youth access to computer science training to develop skills that will equip them for the future.Learning to code  helps them develop  the ability to become excellent problem solvers. Further more it teaches them to think logically and expand their creativity in designing something from their own.

Visitors from Global and Regional Heads of Microsoft Philanthropies had observed one of our third grade class to see how basic coding was integrated in a subject curriculum. They were amazed how these third graders had engaged themselves well into coding!

Coding paves a path into our kids future and lets them feel empowered to make a difference when they code. This new project will definitely help our learners  be equipped with the abilities needed for their employment in the workplace of tomorrow. Keep on soaring CENTEX Eagles!


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