CENTEX Project Smile that can change the world

Last August 14, 2019  CENTEX launch its annual school program “PROJECT SMILE”. The said DEPED program aims to create a safe learning environment  based on “Masayang Guro, Masiglang Magturo” based pedagogy. Learners  put on their greatest smile as Mr. Mark Anthony Manalad, program chairman chose the best smile for each grade level. You likely tend to think of smile as a result of positive emotions or stimuli, but it turns out that your smile can affect your health and improves your mood which helps us to relax and prolong one’s lifespan. A  smile can cut through all barriers,it knows no age, gender, culture or nationality. It represents goodwill,positivity and openness to others and most importantly it communicates happiness and acceptance. Research says children can spend up to 400 times a day smiling compared to the adults only 20 per average! So find ways to keep smiling everyday and increase  the love you give to the world!