Our History

CENTER of EXCELLENCE in PUBLIC ELEMENTARY EDUCATION (CENTEX MANILA) started in August 29, 1998, under the joint venture of the Department of Education and the Ayala Foundation Inc. (AFI). It opened its doors to a selected group of children from under resourced families who have shown high potential for academic success.

CENTEX mission, vision and goals are the bases and framework for its unique and finely crafted curriculum.The Principal, Project Director, and a team volunteer educators and resource teachers continually update and improve the curriculum to incorporate the latest educational trends and research.

In classes limited to 25 students, teachers facilitate a first class learning experience desinged to be relevant to the lives of these budding scholars. CENTEX pupils have competed with and continue to surpass their counterparts in the regular public schools and those in the private schools.

CENTEX is located within the Gregorio Del Pilar School Compound  in Tondo,Manila.Funding for this special school comes from the Special Education Fund (SEF) of the local endowment fund set up by the Ayala Foundation Inc.

The holistic curricular program of CENTEX requires a redesigning of existing  facilities to include large classrooms, more spacious library, a state of the art computer room, a science lab, a multi-media/audio-visual room, H.E.L.E. practice lab.

CENTEX improves the physical, financial and human resources of an ordinary public elementary school through the help of GO’s and NGO’s.In doing so, it ultimately gives the children of under resourced family’s quality education and a chance to dream and succeed which most of the time is denied to this sector of the Philippine society.

CENTEX Torch Bearers

Mrs. Ruth Ricaforte

CENTEX MANILA Schooh Head from 1998-1999, 2000-2001

Mrs. Amparo Valdez

CENTEX MANILA School Head from 1999-2000

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Arrobang

CENTEX MANILA School Head from 2001-2004

Ms. Fe T. Duldulao

CENTEX MANILA School Head from 2004-2009

Mrs. Nellida Reyes

CENTEX MANILA School Head from 2009-2011

Mrs. Evalou Agustin

CENTEX MANILA School Head from 2011 - 2013

Mrs. Blesilda Cueto

CENTEX MANILA School Head from 2013- 2015

Mrs. Josepina D. Villareal, Ed.D

CENTEX MANILA School Head from 2015-2018

Mr. Reynante R. Malano,Ph.D

CCENTEX MANILA School Head from 2018 - present